About Us

We have lived on this property for 20 years, raised our family here and built a lifetime of memories here. In 2005 we decided to build the Paradise Pass Cowboy action club here for shooters to have a place they could call their own. We wanted them to feel like family, even if it was their first time here. The problem was, we were a young family so funds were tight. We started the whole venture with $400. Our awesome friends and cowboy family all pitched in with equipment that we could borrow, volunteer help, and donated materials. We found several old barns that people wanted taken down, and so our family of cowboys took down 4 large barns and salvaged the wood for the club buildings. We worked to locate Sponsors for the club and found several that provided the funds and materials for the clubhouse, several stages, targets and props.

The Club officially opened in March 2006 with it’s first match and had 17 shooters attend. In 2008 we held our first State Championship shoot and had over 120 shooters. In 2015 there were 466 clubs like our in the World and we were voted the #1 club in the world!!! We went to Las Vegas in December of 2015 to receive the Club of the year award! This award was the spark that set our gun shop in motion.

I knew as a teenager that I would have a gun shop someday. But I figured I would wait until near retirement to open a small shop. But all the stars lined up at the right time and through much prayer, and many conversations with the family, we made a leap of faith. As we designed the shop, my goal was to recreate the awesome shops that my Grandpa Sam used to take me to. We wanted this shop to have the family friendly feeling that I remember as a child. We wanted people coming in for the first time to feel like they belong here, were welcome, and appreciated. We also wanted this to be a destination for all things shooting. We want our customers to become friends, and many have already! We count our blessings for the amazing amount of great people that have come through our doors. We hope you come out and enjoy it as much as we do from behind the counters. We absolutely love what we do.

Our Family

We are a family of brands, run by family. We want every experience with us to be a great one. When you shop with us, you know you will be treated like a friend, not a number. You will always be greeted with a "Hello" when you walk in!

Our Difference

The very foundation of our business was built on the idea that "Customer Service is Everything." We want everyone to feel warm and welcome when they shop with us. We don't want to be your Local Box Store, we want to be your neighborhood family business. Welcome to the Family!

Our Community

We want to give back to our community that gives to us. We make regular donations and contributions to local charities and foundations. So next time you shop with us, know that a portion of our sales goes to help our community and support the 2nd Amendment.

Our Rights

Our 2nd Amendment rights are forever being threatened by foreign and domestic powers. We want to keep or 2nd Amendment unconditional for generations to come by donating regularly to the NRA-ILA, Friends of the NRA, NSSF, and many more.

Our Brands

We only carry brands that maintain high quality products as well as meet our strong Ethics Policy here at Two Bear Arms. We review and analyze our brands and products regularly to ensure they meet our standards. We work very hard to provide the best quality firearms and accessories at great prices.

Our Enviroment

We want to preserve the 2nd Amendment, as we would our planet. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by proper Lead Processing and Disposal, Waste Management, LED Lighting, Energy Star™ Rated Electronics & Systems, and we are far from finished with the list. We have set goals and principles to continue down our green path. To ask less of the planet, we ask more of ourselves.

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