Since 2008 we have owned and operated EDGE Training Group. We taught classes for Gun Shops all around Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and some in Florida.
Our background of our team consisted of Law Enforcement Instructors, Prior Military Instructors, all of us are NRA instructors, Utah Instructors, Florida Instructors. My partner in the training company retired in 2015 and we brought in more local help.


LADIES only basic handgun- taught by a female instructor

EDC-Every Day Carry- concealed carry classes

Basic Handgun
Advanced conceal carry
Youth basic firearms
Range Officers course
Rifle classes (AR platform)
Shotgun defense
Night shooting / Low light training
Youth Hunters Education
We also do security team training / active shooter

We can also customize a private class for you and or family and friends

We also offer on range training 3 days a week which is $30. For a half hour. This is designed to just help someone who maybe hasn't shot in years or has a new firearm that they are not sure about.

Calendar of events


26th - Ladies Only Class 12pm-4pm
27th - Members Only Event 4pm-6pm


2nd - Cowboy Shoot
28th - Closed Thanksgiving
29th - Black Friday Super Sale 7am-6pm


7th - Cowboy shoot
24th - Open 9am-5pm
25th - Closed for Christmas