Custom Kydex© Holsters made in house

I'm left handed, so locating the right holster has always been tough. In 2011 I became very frustrated with ordering holsters to have them show up and not be what they were advertised to be. They would arrive and not be comfortable, or not fit the firearm well, or the materials used were less then acceptable.

So, I began a learning process of building my own holsters. I wanted to put together the most comfortable, long lasting, totally functional, good looking holster I could, after all it was for me!

So, I built my first couple holsters and showed them to my friends, and they asked me to make them one. Keep in mind this was not going to be a business, I just wanted to build my own holsters! But I built a few for friends, then their friends started calling me, and their friends, and their friends! Next thing you know, I was building 15 to 20 holsters a week and shipping them all over the USA.

Now we can build several dozen a week during the super busy seasons. I never kept track but I'm sure we have made over 10,000 holsters over the years.

We give a "My lifetime" warranty, so as long as I'm alive, your warranty is good. And I feel pretty good today! We even warranty stupid, one time, so if you drive over your holster, we will repair or replace it one time.

What sets our holsters apart?
The most comfortable wearable holster made-
If you pick a model with leather, know that it is the finest leather available in the USA, I personally hand pick each hide, and sometimes it takes me hours at our distributor's digging through their hides to find 3 or 4 hides that meet our requirements. Only the smoothest, no blemish, soft hide will do.
We have over 70 patterns to pick from
We have 6 main designs but can build anything you want. We have done some pretty amazing special projects. Bring your idea in, and we can do it.
We use USA made hardware listed as grade 8 strength which is the strongest sold. Far stronger then we need, but we want this holster to never let you down.

We use true 360 degree rivets, again, much stronger then we need.
We build our own belt clips, the market does not offer what we build.
Hand dyed leather, we hand dye our own leather in house to get that perfect protection and look.
Our inside the waist band traditional, uses spring steel clips, nothing stronger out there.

Some of our work....