Our Range's

First things first, Range Rules!!!

Safety is our number one priority here!  We want everyone to enjoy the same love for shooting that we do, in a safe environment.  Here is a list of some of our range rules so we can keep everyone having fun! 

  • NO Reloaded, Steel, or Aluminum Cased Ammunition (We do not allow these for safety purposes, safety is our number 1 priority)
  • Firearms must ALWAYS be pointed in a SAFE direction, at all times
  • Everyone must sign our Range & Event Waiver for ALL events and ranges 
  • You must have a State Issued Photo ID to use our ranges
  • Shooting Glasses and Ear Protection is a requirement
  • You must be able to legally posses a firearm
  • Being under the influence of ANY depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, alcohol, or marijuana is PROHIBITED
  • Alert Staff or Security of any unsafe behavior

Pistol Range

Our 25 Yd. Pistol Range features 3 Steel Target Bays, and 3 Retractable Target Bays.  Our Pistol Range is open the same hours as our store. We do not allow anything over 44 Mag on Paper and 45 ACP on steel Targets.  We do not allow any reloaded ammunition, steel or aluminum cased ammunition on our Pistol Range.  The cost is just $10 a day.  We also have memberships available starting at $149.99.

Rifle Range

We have a 300 Yd. Long Range.  It accommodates up to 6 Shooters at a time.  Our Rifle Range is open for only select events we schedule on our Calendar.  We do not allow reloaded, steel, or aluminum ammunition on Long Range.  

Cowboy Action Range

Our Cowboy Action Range is one of the worlds largest ranges of its kind.  We have 13 bays, clubhouse, and pond.  Our Cowboy matches are held the First Saturday of every month year round.  Check our Calendar for the next date.  Its free to come and watch.  We can't wait to see ya! 

AR-15 Tactical Range

Last, but certainly not least, we have a 100 Yd. AR Tactical Bay.  Throughout the summer we hold various training and shooting courses on this range.  Check out our Calendar for the next time its open!